We create valuable relationships with your community


We focus on the person behind the end user, and draw the most relevant conclusions through our LUCY process, to generate value for your business.

Digital Anthropology
Market AnalysisCompetitor AnalysisBrand PerceptionTrend AnalysisResearch
Data collection

Plan with us

Concept creation

Join us in design sprints and workshops to draw the most valuable insights for your future development.

Design Sprints
Connecting Insights

Create with us

Launch & Develop

We manage the full launch, making sure it is backed by relevant campaigns to boost the value for your community.

Go-To-Market planProject Management
Data AnalysisEvaluation & Development
Service & Support

Launch with us

"Let your tribes design innovative marketing- and business strategies for you. We help you unlock their full potential."

We have a passion for progressive and proactive solutions towards different types of communities. SoLucy was created with a belief of making your- and your community’s world a better place, by a promise of prioritizing the relationships between human beings, the people, your people, you.

Clients and Collabs