We create valuable relationships with your community


SoLucy is a digital agency who, through innovative design are on a mission to change the way companies interact with their customers. We are here to add value for your customers, making them feel a stronger sense of belonging to you, and in that way enhance your business.

Our purpose is to create an easier world for the people, as well as a better planet for the people to live on.

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We create business and marketing solutions that reflects your values and connects to your target audience in an authentic way.

We create value through strategies and technical solutions that allows your target audience to feel more connected to You, as well as each other.

People don't buy brands - they join them.

Let your tribes design innovative marketing- and business strategies for you. We help you unlock their full potential.



A curated list of the best business, design, and organisational change toolboxes built by some of the most influential companies, institutions and thinkers.