Abigail Petroff

A young Einer Wesén, recent graduate from the infamous business
school, Möllevångsorget in Malmö got news about a former cigar and
coffee shop moving their business and leaving empty rooms filled with
possibilities. The timing was perfect since Einar was sick at creating
garments for the sailors in the harbour. Leading up to the
Engelbrektsboden, being founded in Malmö,1926, by Einar Wesén as a
shop for work & labour garments.

The store was perfectly located on Västern, in between Malmös
labour-blocks and the big harbour.


”There are many folks needing clothes to work in, around these corners”

In 1954, Kjell Wesén, the son of Einar, took over Engelbrektsboden and
founded Petroff. Kjell quickly became a public figure together with
Petroff as Engelbrektsboden grew simultaneously. Born through a pair
of Jeans, and among sailors in the Malmö harbour, Petroff grew up to
become what’s now, iconic, Petroff Jackets & Footwear.

A secret buyer acquires Petroff around 2011/2012. Rumour has
it that there were too many unorganised pieces of Petroff
Global Unlimited era, around on different markets, in order to
make any progressive impact on the fashion industry by this

Leaving the secret buyer with the only option, in order to salvage the former glorious brand and heritage of Petroff, to put everything on hold and wait for the right moment to come back.


As voices all around the world spoke up, human rights are being tested, major sustainable changes initiated and important movements have had a light shining on them. A strong figure emerged from the shadows.

Abigail Petroff. The Great-grand-daughter of Engelbrektsboden and Petroff is back. To claim the space that is rightfully hers, and looking good doing it.

Oh, and SoLucy is helping AP with bringing their brand, web, content and marketing to 2021 standards.

Year: Dec, 2020 - June 2022

Dimensions: Rebrand, UX-Design, E-Com, Content Dev, Strategy

Team: Erik Granholm, Patrick Doran, Thyra Dahl, Coi Agency