About SoLucy. Built to democratize and humanise design together with other digital pleasures. 

The digital space normally comes with a lot of answers. It's just there. It just works and just seems to be this machine that never ends.

Depending on who you are, a creator, developer, buyer, user, scroller, viewer, listener, shopper or searcher it presents itself differently but just as seamlessly it answers questions you've already stopped asking. And that's all about you, roaming around the web.

What about answering your customers and clients questions, needs and expectations online? Are you doing it?


Even tho the acceleration and progress of IT, AI, Tech etc has never been greater there are still fundamental questions to be answered for bigger parts of large industries worldwide, or more important, locally. We love thinking global first, but global is so 2020.

We believe that 2021 "global first", start by thinking locally.

How do you, in an impactful, fast and cost-effective way build a great digital presence for your local business?

Never has it been more relevant for SME and local businesses than now, to have ownership and performance of your digital presence. From Website, Social Media, Google to Digital Marketing. COVID moved us closer to the general responsibility of a business digital presence in order to survive.

At SoLucy, we are and have always been (Since 2018) believers that we shouldn't have to exist. Again, don't get us wrong. We love being here.

It's just that we believe that the world of agencies and consultancies only should focus on great design pleasures and experiences, not have ownership of businesses digital presence or the online world. That is why we offer providing simple tools, and educational guidelines for yourself to have 100% ownership of your own digital presence after we've created it. Once it's done, it's yours.

Until the balance is right, and no one longer asks the question of "How, in an impactful, fast and cost-effective way do I build a great digital presence for our business?". At least without being dependent on someone else doing it. It should be simple, fun and care-free.

And that's what we're all about. Simple, fast and effective way Develop, Optimise and/or Maintain small to medium-sized business digital presence.

Why? Well, why should you pay 2 Million SEK for something you could do yourself but you just don't have the time to do it. Let us set you off and let you take it from there. 

Our Partners

The SoLucy family. Leveraging brands and collaborations is the only way forward. Not only do we actively work with freelancers, but we have also established partnerships in order to deliver high quality.

Our Clients

There comes a time, reading about a company, when what we've done tells our story instead.
This is that time:


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