We are creators, humble, caring, transparent, impactful, learners, optimistic, crazy, alive, human, SoLucy.

Our story.

It all began back in..
Nope, we are not doing that long dragged out story that most of the time is heavily modified and glorified.

So, here we go: SoLucy was born out of the insight that companies today have a hard time understanding their target audiences' needs.
We realised that we could solve that problem, and BOOM - here we are!

We met in 2018 while studying at Hyper Island in Stockholm and connected quickly through mutual values and the interest for human behaviour.

SoLucy was created in 2019, and since then we have learned to crawl, walk and run in the quickest time possible.

We want to create the best company in the world.
Yes, we understand it sounds cocky, and maybe even far beyond possible, but we chose to look at it differently.

We offer our co-workers an environment where we all develop both personally and professionally. The foundation of SoLucy was created around a flexible working schedule, to make sure you can live your life to the fullest while doing amazing work.

We offer our clients great and genuine collaborations, based on mutual respect and care for each others' overall wellbeing.


We are highly value driven, and strive to fulfill our key values in all of our partnerships.

We believe that the strongest relationships are created by being your true self. Be who you are, respect others and enjoy the ride. It doesn't have to be harder than that.


We deliver experiences that makes people feel seen and heard. We create trust and loyalty in your community.


We are here to make lives better through personalised digital experiences. We aim to be a part of shaping an equal future for the better of humanity.


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Who knows, we might make magic together.

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