We help you create a plan to actively influence how people perceive your brand. It clarifies where your company is headed, what you are trying to achieve, and provides a map and compass, setting your True North so to speak, to help you get there. It helps you figure out what to do, and perhaps even more importantly, what not to do

Amost everything you do inside your business can affect your brand in some way — both negatively and positively.

But how do you know what actions to take and what changes to make in order to strengthen your brand?

How do you even know what sort of brand you want to have? Should customers perceive you as youthful and friendly, or mature and corporate? Perhaps you want to be perceived as innovative — but how will your customers respond to that if they happen to be a risk-averse bunch?

This is where brand strategy comes into play. Your brand strategy provides answers to all those questions. We prefer this definition of brand strategy:

Brand strategy is the ‘big picture’ plans and tactics deployed by an organisation/brand owner to create long-term brand equity and competitive advantages from branding.

  • Identify challenges and key issues regarding brand development

  • Define the objectives of the new brand

  • Positioning

  • Strategic pillars

  • Market & Trend Analysis

  • Values

  • Pitch

  • Definition and recommendation of audience touchpoints