Leafymade’s goal is to make our planet a cleaner and more beautiful place. But we don't believe it stops there. The people behind Leafymade also stand for smartness, greatness and their own "leafyness".


With a goal to connect to more than the environmentally concious
people next door. Leafymade stand for both empowering women, bridging global gaps, restoring our bad concious and connecting friends at the dining table.


It's a multilayered organisation and brand, just as their plates. Something that needs to be understood, educated and inspiringly communicated.

And that's exactly the responsibility SoLucy has. Our proudest moment so far was helping LM reach 600% above their set goal during their crowdfunding campaign 2020. With a majority of their investors coming from Instagram.

Year: July, 2020 - Dec 2021

Scope: Crowdfunding Social Campaign, Content Development / Strategy

Team: Erik Granholm, Petronella Moritz‏