Nihilist is one of the only clothing brands in the UK that uniquely brings stencil graffiti straight to your wardrobe. 

Philipp and Daniel established NIHILIST as an independent clothing brand in 2018 to critically react to a wasteful and unconscious society.

SoLucy got the task to gather, package and develop their brand assets and co-create a unified brand identity. As we define "brand asset" as it is only an asset if it brings value to the organisation, we also implemented their unified look in a completely new Web & UX Design for their online shop. 

Lastly we analysed and optimised their Social Media strategy to meet their 2021 objectives and it is currently being played out.

We are proud to have been working with future-thinking entrepreneurs like Daniel and Philipp and look forward sharing more about their progress further down the line.

Year: May-June, 2021

Scope: Brand Identity & Direction, Web Design & SoMe Strategy

Team: Erik Granholm, Thyra Dahl, Petronella Moritz, Sebastian Wollter‏