Norrsken Foundation S.I.L

It was clear to us as soon as we heard about Norrsken that we wanted to work there, as members. We wanted our brand, SoLucy to be associated with what social impact the Norrsken Foundation enables, and at the same time be in an environment where we got to work with people that share our values and goals.

Little did we know that Oskar (Malm Wiklund) also was thinking about a platform to establish and move driven students closer to the digital, tech, and impact scene. Even though that guy seems to eat, sleep, and rave “Norrsken”.

Together we have co-created the Student Innovation Lab, where SoLucy has had the privilege to be creators, but also the first batch. Testing our process and providing value to members of Norrsken, SoLucy has developed, evolved, and fueled up with clients, portfolio-worthy reference cases, insights, feedback, and most importantly, a lot of valuable relationships and social impact.

It’s a platform that easily could be described as one of the best possibilities for students to establish your startup, freelance career, or agency in the industry and Stockholm today. Within 2 months we had students work with us in projects, and received interest from students to join and students wanting to write their thesis about it.

Year: 1 November, 2019 - June 2020

Scope: Partnership

Team: Erik Granholm, Nico Ruponen