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Brand Direction, Identity, Toolbox, Web Design, Content Development, Crowdfunding Campaign & Interim CMO.

Partnership with Norrsken Foundation co-creating Student Innovation Lab becoming the first batch.

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Social Media Strategy, Content Development, Printed Ads.

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Social Media strategy, Content Development, Crowdfunding Campaign, Paid Marketing, B2C / B2B, E-Com Web Design.

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Brand Strategy, Identity, Toolbox, Web Design, Content Development, B2B sales funnel.

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Brand Direction, Identity, Toolbox, Web Design, Social Media Strategy.

Brand Direction, Identity, Toolbox, Web Design, Paid Marketing, Content Development

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Brand Identity, Web Design, Content Development, Launch Campaign.

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Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research w/ Sales & Communication.

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Online Event coordinator and content development.

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Persona Development, New Segment Communication Strategy.

Content Development, App Launch Campaign, Social Media Strategy, Brand Management.

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Brand Strategy, Identity, Toolbox, Web Design E-com, Content Development, Marketing & Product Design.

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Business Development, Web Design.

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Brand Strategy, Identity, Toolbox,  Content Development.



Crowdfunding campaign statistics. (Leafymade)


Crowdfunding campaign statistics. (Leafymade & Eljun)


Through ProBono work. (AllInFoundation)


with social impact startups looking for talents during April 2020 as part of #actionsagainstcorona


We Dont Have Time made us do it. <3  (And Eljun)


that we meet enjoy what we are doing.


About us. Right here


It was great working with SoLucy. They are professional yet very easy going and friendly. We enjoyed the creative process that was well moderated. It felt more like working together as a team and that made the end result, the deliverables, spot on.

- Malin Cronqvist, Founder Help2Help.